Thursday, October 1, 2020

Be sure to seal up and unwanted leaks with Liquid Roof Coatings!


Getting out on your RV during these pandemic days is a huge stress reliever when you know you are not putting your family at risk, as RV is the safest mode of travelling amid Covid-19. But before you head the road you should give your RV a thorough inspection from top to bottom. If you find any leaks on the roof they must be repaired immediately.

Be sure to seal up and unwanted leaks with Liquid Roof Coatings!

The RV roof is made keeping in mind a trade off between being not too light that it cannot bear the strong winds or storms and not too heavy or hard either that it can compromise the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Fortunately using a liquid roof coating like RV Liquid Roof you can fix all the RV roof repair issues for once and for all.

Where to Get Started

RV roof leaks are difficult to trace for an untrained eye. Start by checking the interior of the RV and look for any watermarks, discoloration and stains. Once you have identified where the leaks are located, then head up to the top of the roof. Sometimes the RV roof has obvious damage in form of a hole or punctures in the roofing membrane but sometimes the damage can be insidious. These cracks or punctures could quickly turn into leaks if not treated. Any other openings on the RV roof like skylights or antenna vents as water could be seeping in through those openings.

Make the Repair

Once you have identified roof leaks then its time to fix them up. But first you have to clean and prep the roof surface. Clean the RV roof from any dirt, debris and loose material, wash the RV roof using appropriate detergents and don’t use abrasive chemicals. Also remove the old sealant and caulking using a razor or putty knife.

Liquid roof coatings like Liquid RV Roof are very easy to apply. You can use a brush or roller to spread a clean and uniform coat of the coating across the roof. Leave the coating to dry for few hours and once it is cured you will have a newly sealed roof.

Fixing a leaking RV roof is as easy as slicing a cake. So don’t get stuck at home on weekends when you could hit the road with your family for adventures and work from anywhere. As corona virus restrictions are easing up in the country now is the time to see the country, and doing it from your RV is fun and safe.

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