Wednesday, August 26, 2020

How To Inspect And Repair Camper Roof Leaks?

Out of all the bad things that can happen to a camper is a leaking camper roof that you should avoid at all if you can. Because of the nature of camper roofs, a leak is the most likely thing that will happen, so you should prepare for it. Camper roof leak detection & repair is something that should be done quickly and effectively. But the good news is camper roof leak detection and repair is fairly easy once you go on the RV roof top and take things in your hand.

In some cases there may be a tear in the rubber roof coating or a cracked flashing that may not be visible from the naked eye, but once you go on the camper roof you may find where the leak is actually coming from even if this involves chalking  up to a tear that isn’t readily visible.

Visual Inspection

The first thing you will notice is the leak coming on the inside of the RV/camper. When you pin-point the leak location inside the RV than you would be able to make an approximate assumption about the location of the leak on the roof of the RV. Once on the roof narrow down the search area and you would probably find the leak. This makes things easier. While on the roof make the time useful and find out what improvements or needed repairs can be done to the roof to make RVing easier and hassle free.

Find the Source, Find the Solution

Once you have identified the leak and its root cause than it would be easier for you to find the solution to fix it. For example if the roof leak is happening around the AC vent then you would probably need to caulk the area around the AC vent or if the leak is happening in the middle of the roof then you would probably need to patch the area. The best solution to fix all leaking issues is to coat the RV with an appropriate roof coating and fix roof issues for once and for all. Coating the roof with a roof coating is a comprehensive solution and it saves both time and money.

Protect Your Investment

When you are choosing a hobby like RVing or camping you are making a huge investment in a vehicle to make your journeys enjoyable. Therefore you want to make sure your RV or camper remains in the best possible condition. Keeping the RV in tip top condition involves finding issues and resolving them as soon as possible. This also helps you to get the most of the RV roof and creates a win situation for you. RV/Camper leaks are something bound to happen, so it’s less about preventing them and more about handling them promptly and effectively for best results.

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