Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Give your RV Roof an enduring protection with multipurpose Liquid Roof Coating

Protecting your RV roof means to protect the entire RV because RV roof provide cover to all the expensive things in the RV interior. Along with it also protects you and your family while on the road. So, a question commonly asked is what to do when your RV springs up a leak…? The answer is simple use a RV roof coating e.g., Liquid Roof. Liquid Roof is coating that creates a water tight seamless membrane and protects the RV roof from cracks, tears, and leaks.

Acceptable Roof Types

Liquid Roof is a coating which works with most kinds of roof materials.

·         EPDM, TPO, Fiberglass
·         Metal, Alpha rubber, PVC
·         Hypalon rubber, Wood, Roofs treated with other products

Is this cost effective?

Applying roof coating to your RV seems like an expensive endeavor but in case of Liquid Roof it is not. Liquid Roof is one coat application for your RV which saves both material and labor costs and with the protection it provides it saves you from costly RV repairs down the road. It can also restore old RV roof at a fraction of cost of expensive roof replacement.

Is it difficult to apply?

One of the most excellent features of Liquid Roof is that it’s a true DIY product. Liquid Roof can be applied easily, as in liquid form it goes like a paint material. You will only need paint brushes and rollers to get the job done. Yes, it’s that simple. Liquid Roof waterproofs directly upon application. Once applied you need to let it dry and cure for the next 24 hours.  Even if it rains don’t worry it will not wash off.

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