Friday, August 2, 2019

Pros and Cons of Liquid Roof Coatings

EPDM coatings are synthetic rubber compound in liquid form specifically designed for flat or low slopped roofs. Although liquid rubber is mostly associated for use in residential or commercial roofing, its RV equivalent material is called Liquid Roof. The RV materials are quite different from the materials used in buildings so it’s better to understand the pros and cons of using liquid roof before using it.  

Advantages of Liquid Roof:

One of the biggest advantages of liquid roof is its cost. The cost of liquid roof product is very low as compared with other non-porous or rigid roofing materials. Liquid roof is one coat application, a true DIY product which saves both product and labor costs. It can be easily applied with the help of paint brush and squeegee and waterproofs the RV roof instantly. Liquid roof is very lightweight which means you don’t need any reinforcements to support the deck also the final cured properties of liquid roof are not affected by adverse weather conditions. Liquid Roof is a multi-purpose roof sealant that not only water-proofs the roof, block UV-rays and also not affected by water ponding.

Disadvantages of Liquid Roof:

Not surprisingly, liquid roof is a product that doesn’t have much draw backs. Some people just don’t like the final look liquid roof creates. But when applied equally & properly liquid roof creates a seamless white membrane which enhances the aesthetic looks of the RV. The white color of liquid roof also helps in reflecting sun light which thereby helps in regulating internal temperature.

Deciding Factors:

Some other factors which should be considered when choosing a roof coating are mentioned below:

· Personal taste or preferences

· Durability & Longevity

· Follow up maintenance work

· RV roof material

· Manufacturer’s recommendations

The final decision will be yours but spend some time comparing pros and cons of each option and make an informed decision.

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