Thursday, June 13, 2019

What makes a RV Roof Coating Ideal…!!!

Even the best RV roofs will face wear and tear with passage of time. As RV roof is exposed to many environmental factors, because of this there is no such thing as permanent roof coating but there are some liquid roof coatings available in the market which when applied properly can last longer.

An ideal roof coating should have following features:

· Multi-use: Although some coatings are product specific but an ideal roof coating is flexible in its use. It should be easily applied over different material surfaces without needing a primer.

· Roofing safe ingredients: some coatings contain citric acid or petroleum items which can damage the roof surface. Make sure to use a coating which is safe to apply over particular roof surface.

· Protective features: other than providing core benefits like a RV roof coating should provide some additional benefits like protection against UV-rays, extreme temperatures and water ponding.

· Affordable: Quality comes at price but a good roof coating won’t ask for much money. Now a days “do it yourself” products are gaining popularity. Some liquid roof coatings can be sprayed over the surface without needing undercoat which reduces both labor and installation costs.

· Self-Leveling: A RV roof coating should have a self-leveling feature. Self-leveling is a great feature especially when the roof is rough or uneven. It also prevents ponding of water.

· Faster curing: Curing is crucial. A good RV roof coating should waterproofs the roof the instant it is applied. Although curing time may vary ranging from 2 days to 7 days at maximum. A faster curing time will surely benefits when coating is applied over a larger roof surface.

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