Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Ultimate Camper Roof Coating Guide

Before buying a used camper, a pre-purchase examination is crucial. You need to do a thorough inspection both inside and outside of the camper before arriving at any final decision. If you have already made a purchase decision and found camper roof little rough, don’t worry you can handle this.

The first step is to carefully analyze the condition of roof. Climb ups the camper roof, you will find a lot of dirt or stains but that’s normal. Look for any cracks or leakages especially around the seams and vents. Check which material the roof is made up of. Select a roof coating that is most appropriate for the roof. There are many cheap coating available in the market but don’t compromise on product quality. Always purchase the product that is specifically designed for camper roof coating e.g. Liquid RV Roof.

The second step is to prepare your camper for the roof coating. Before applying any coating make sure to clean the roof first. Clean any debris, dust from the roof and water wash the entire roof surface with some mild detergent. Caulk the areas around seams and vents and replace them as required. All of this will require your precious time and effort, so always plan to do so when the weather is dry and rain is not forecasted.

The final step is to choose roof coating. Liquid RV Roof is the liquid form of EPDM. You can simply apply it all by yourself with the help of roller or brush or you can also hire services of professionals. Liquid RV Roof coating is the most reliable and durable camper roof solution. It prevents water leaks, punctures and act as a protective coating against harsh weather conditions.

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