Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Amid Covid-19 Pandemic; RVLiquid Roof Coating can be great option for many reasons…!!

Due to rising global warming many people and organizations are opting for environment friendly products to reduce their carbon foot print on the environment. Same is the case with RV enthusiasts and the RV industry. One such popular eco-friendly trend in RV industry is liquid roofing.

Covid-19 Travel Advisory” Many RV parks campgrounds are starting to open in phases to prepare for limited operations. So plan ahead by contacting parks prior to visiting and making advanced camping reservations. “

Liquid Roofing

There are many liquid roofing products available on the market but not all liquid roofing products are created equally. You have to do a bit of homework and research to make sure you are choosing the right product. Some things to look out for are as follows:

Energy Efficiency

Many liquid roof coatings are designed to cast a cooling effect and reduce carbon emission in the environment. These roof coatings have reflective properties which keeps a moderate temperature inside the building by reflecting the sun rays.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Not all liquid roofing products are created from rubber material but some are also produced from “green” manufacturing methods. Even when you are recoating the roof using liquid roofing is itself a sustainable effort because you are not doing a full replacement project requiring resources and creating excessive waste.

No Volatile Organic Contents

Products containing volatile organic content have odors which are potent and potentially harmful with extended exposure. Many companies which are creating liquid roofing products remove most of the VOCs from their manufacturing method.

One-Coat Application

With liquid roofing products like Liquid RV Roof you only need to apply one coat to the RV roof which creates an opportunity for efficiency and eco-friendliness. When you need to apply more than one coat of the product it means more material should be produced and used.

Specific Eco-Friendly Products or Ingredients

Every liquid roof coating has its own formula and there are some ingredients which are eco-friendly. Manufacturer should highlight these ingredients and provide additional information to help the consumers make better decision regarding the purchase of any liquid roofing product.

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