Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Amid Covid-19 Pandemic; RVLiquid Roof Coating can be great option for many reasons…!!

Due to rising global warming many people and organizations are opting for environment friendly products to reduce their carbon foot print on the environment. Same is the case with RV enthusiasts and the RV industry. One such popular eco-friendly trend in RV industry is liquid roofing.

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Liquid Roofing

There are many liquid roofing products available on the market but not all liquid roofing products are created equally. You have to do a bit of homework and research to make sure you are choosing the right product. Some things to look out for are as follows:

Energy Efficiency

Many liquid roof coatings are designed to cast a cooling effect and reduce carbon emission in the environment. These roof coatings have reflective properties which keeps a moderate temperature inside the building by reflecting the sun rays.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Not all liquid roofing products are created from rubber material but some are also produced from “green” manufacturing methods. Even when you are recoating the roof using liquid roofing is itself a sustainable effort because you are not doing a full replacement project requiring resources and creating excessive waste.

No Volatile Organic Contents

Products containing volatile organic content have odors which are potent and potentially harmful with extended exposure. Many companies which are creating liquid roofing products remove most of the VOCs from their manufacturing method.

One-Coat Application

With liquid roofing products like Liquid RV Roof you only need to apply one coat to the RV roof which creates an opportunity for efficiency and eco-friendliness. When you need to apply more than one coat of the product it means more material should be produced and used.

Specific Eco-Friendly Products or Ingredients

Every liquid roof coating has its own formula and there are some ingredients which are eco-friendly. Manufacturer should highlight these ingredients and provide additional information to help the consumers make better decision regarding the purchase of any liquid roofing product.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Good news for RV owners you don’t need to be an expert to perform repairs, all you need is the right RV Liquid Roof Coating Materials to get the job done…!!

Travelling is one of the best ways to get freedom from all the worries and stresses of life. RV is the safest and most spacious vehicle out there in which you can travel with your family and roam in the wilderness without the need of staying in the hotel. As like with other vehicles RV also requires repairs and maintenance and roof is the most compromised part. When the time comes for repairs you need to find out the right liquid roof coating material for your RV roof.

Consider the Type of Roof the RV Has

The type of roof material your RV has is the most important piece of information that you should consider when making a decision to buy any liquid roof coating. RVs have different kinds of roof such as rubber, fiberglass and metal. Each roof type has its own needs and maintenance requirements. Always consult your RV manual or an RV professional to get the answers that they need regarding the materials needed.

Where to Purchase the Materials

Once you know the type of RV roof material the next stage is to find a right supplier from where you can get the right RV liquid roof coating material. Finding the right supplier and materials is the most important step in overall success of this kind of project. As RV information you can get the information about the suppliers by searching over the internet, looking at the customer reviews and ask from people in your RV community.

Is This a DIY Job?

When trying to get the right materials for your RV liquid roof coatings project, you will need to consider whether or not this is a DIY job. Some products like Liquid RV Roof are DIY products while for others you will need professional to perform the job. In most cases if you let professionals handle the job will make it much easier for you to get the desired results.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

RV / Mobile Home Roof Maintenance: Make quick inspections a habit and avoid serious damage &costly roof replacement…!!

Recreational vehicles or mobile homes are meant to create cherished memories with your loved ones. But these moments of joy will only continue if your RV remains on the road in a tip-top condition. This means it’s your responsibility to properly take care of your RV especially the roof. The roof out of sight means out of mind is the most forgotten and unattended part of the RV unless something goes wrong. If don’t protect what’s overhead you will eventually have to do RV roof replacement which is both costly and a difficult task to handle.

Avoiding RV Roof Replacement

You can avoid costly repairs and RV roof replacement by utilizing a roof coating e.g., Liquid RV Roof. The application process is fairly easy and costs are significantly less than roof replacement. Liquid RV Roof is a liquid coating that you apply to the surface of your RV roof that acts as a sealant locking out water, dirt, and wind. All you have to do is prep the roof surface, roll out Liquid Roof and let it to dry and cured properly. When it dries out it creates a watertight seal that is impregnable to weather, water, UV rays, and more.

Roof Materials & Compatibility

Make sure the coating you choose is compatible to apply onto your RV roof surface as some coatings are designed for a particular type of roofs and won’t work or adhere properly to particular roof surfaces. Liquid RV Roof is a type of coating which you can apply on to various RV roof surfaces without needing a primer.

Caring for your RV Roof once it’s coated

Once you have coated and applied Liquid Roof to your RV the job is only half done as you still have to inspect your camper’s roof from time to time to make sure you don’t end up having to do a costly RV roof replacement. Look for any damage, oily residue buildup, or gaps in sealant that could lead to future leaks. Make sure the RV roof is clean and debris free.

The life of an RV can be enhanced by keeping the roof clean, debris free and applying a coat of Liquid RV Roof. To get the best return on your investment be sure to do regular maintenance. Cleaning the roof bi-annually will help to maintain its durability and longevity.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Give your RV Roof an enduring protection with multipurpose Liquid Roof Coating

Protecting your RV roof means to protect the entire RV because RV roof provide cover to all the expensive things in the RV interior. Along with it also protects you and your family while on the road. So, a question commonly asked is what to do when your RV springs up a leak…? The answer is simple use a RV roof coating e.g., Liquid Roof. Liquid Roof is coating that creates a water tight seamless membrane and protects the RV roof from cracks, tears, and leaks.

Acceptable Roof Types

Liquid Roof is a coating which works with most kinds of roof materials.

·         EPDM, TPO, Fiberglass
·         Metal, Alpha rubber, PVC
·         Hypalon rubber, Wood, Roofs treated with other products

Is this cost effective?

Applying roof coating to your RV seems like an expensive endeavor but in case of Liquid Roof it is not. Liquid Roof is one coat application for your RV which saves both material and labor costs and with the protection it provides it saves you from costly RV repairs down the road. It can also restore old RV roof at a fraction of cost of expensive roof replacement.

Is it difficult to apply?

One of the most excellent features of Liquid Roof is that it’s a true DIY product. Liquid Roof can be applied easily, as in liquid form it goes like a paint material. You will only need paint brushes and rollers to get the job done. Yes, it’s that simple. Liquid Roof waterproofs directly upon application. Once applied you need to let it dry and cure for the next 24 hours.  Even if it rains don’t worry it will not wash off.

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Friday, January 17, 2020

RV/Camper Review: Liquid Roof Coatings vs. Sheet EPDM?

We all know EPDM is best for RV / Motorhome roof repair projects. Going for Liquid EPDM vs. Sheet EPDM is now industry norm. EPDM-compatible roof repair products come in an easy to apply form which is simply painted onto the roof’s surface. They can be used on a wide variety of substrates, including rubber, metal, fiberglass, and more.

Liquid Roof Coatings offers several valuable benefits:

-          UV and ozone resistant
-          Mold and mildew treated
-          Waterproofs instantly
-          Works against ponding water
-          Flexible and impervious to freezing temperatures
-          Easy, one-coat application

Importantly, Liquid Roof is a type of liquid rubber specially formulated for use with RVs, campers and the like. It is an elastomeric compound that holds onto its flexibility even when exposed to harsh sunlight and UV light for years at a time. Because of this, it is an ideal solution to repair RV roof leaks and damage.
Read a well written article on liquid roof coatings benefits, tips, guide and tutorials to get the job done for the first time here Furthermore, browse through its uses, history, application and technical specs.   

Thursday, December 12, 2019

EPDM Liquid Roof -Everything you need to know about Liquid Roofing….!

RV maintenance can make a huge difference between a reliable camper and a major sink. While doing maintenance RV roof takes the utmost priority, because it’s the roof which takes the toughest toll while on the road so preventative maintenance of the roof should be done on a regular basis. Whether its RV leaks or roof wear & tear, EPDM Liquid Roof provides 360 degree protection to RV roof.

How It Works on Your RV Roof?

·         Before applying Liquid Roof or any other coating make sure it is compatible to use on your RV roof surface. Consult your RV manual for confirmation. You also have to prep and clean the RV roof from dirt, debris, loose material and oil residues.

·         Liquid Roof water proofs the RV after application even if it starts raining you don’t need to worry. However, it will take few hours to cure and dry. Throughout the curing process you will find Liquid Roof conforms to almost any surface, whether horizontal or vertical.

·         Liquid RV Roof is specifically designed for RVs and mobile homes. When applied it created a seamless membrane enough to provide you with complete waterproofing across any seam.

·         Roof caulking and coating are two different roofing materials having their own usefulness. However, you can still apply Liquid Roof around roof mounted AC units or roof flashings.

·         Liquid Roof is synthetic rubber EPDM but in liquid form, which means it will not chalk out like sheet EPDM and will work on areas where sheet EPDM could not effectively coat.

What tools do you need to install it?

You will need only basic pair of tools to install Liquid Roof.
·         An electric drill (corded)
·         A roller
·         A squeegee for larger applications
·         Mineral spirits to help with cleanup
To conclude, EPDM Liquid Roof provides immense benefits with only single coat providing protection for 17 years. What else you need …!!
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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Step By Step Application of Liquid Roofing on an RV

Liquid roof paint roofing has become an appealing choice for RV owners mainly due its durability and economic viability. A major advantage of liquid roofing is that it can be easily applied by RV users by themselves as compared to other products which require professional expertise. Having said enough, let’s go towards the step by step application of liquid roofing.

Step One: Measure Your Roof

The first thing you need to do is measure the roof space to see how much product you will need. Typically, a gallon of liquid roof paint roofing will cover 40-45 square feet, so suppose if your RV is 9.5 feet wide and 26 feet long, your total coverage area would be 247 square feet. This would need around six or seven gallons of liquid roofing.

Step Two: Choose Your Product

The next step is to choose product for liquid roofing. The market is currently flooded with liquid roofing products, but never compromise on quality and always purchase product specifically designed for RV liquid roofing that is EPDM Coating’s Liquid RV Roof. The best in the market.

Step Three: Clean the Roof Surface

The next step is to clean and power washesthe RV roof surface from dirt, debris, oil and any other loose material. While cleaning, inspect the roof for damage areas which needs to be addressed first otherwise liquid roofing material will not adhere to the surface correctly.

Step Four: Apply Liquid Roof Paint Roofing
Application of Liquid RV Roof is very easy. Just pour small quantity on to the roof and use squeegee and paint brush to roll it out evenly. Start from the top end of RV and move backwards so that you don’t have to walk on the recently applied paint. Liquid RV Roof will dry to the touch in about three or four hours and will cure completely within 24 hours of application. Apply today and drive tomorrow.

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